An Open Letter to Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, By Osman Hassan.



Dear President Sheikh Sharif

First of all, please accept my cordial greetings due to you as a former Islamic preacher and currently the head of theTFG. The purpose of my open letter to you is to draw your attention to the responsibilities to our nation that you have sworn on the Quran to uphold as you now embark on a monumental perilous task that you have not hitherto faced and whose consequences could either make or marSomaliaas we know it as a nation. I am referring to the forthcoming talks with “Somaliland”.


Mr President:

As you recall, the single most important outcome of the London conference onSomalialast February, from the perspective of Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity, was its recognition that the solution to the secession waged by the entity innorth west Somalia(Somaliland) is a matter for the Somalis themselves to settle. In this regard, it called for talks between the government of Somalia, (yours and those that come after it), and the secessionists calling themselves “Somaliland”.


In responding to this conference call, there would need to be national consensus at all appropriate levels (central and regional governments, Parliament, civil society, etc) about key issues pertaining to the talks. Above all, who does “Somaliland” and the members of its negotiating team represent at the talks?; what are the composition and profiles of the members selected by your government for these talks so that they defend rather sell out Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity?; and finally, what are the terms of reference for your team unless you have given them carte blanche with no accountability to, or control by theTFG, federal Parliament and the wider Somali nation?. As a concerned Somali, and no doubt one speaking for millions, above all the unionists innorth west Somalia, I would like to share with you my thoughts on these issues.


1Who does “Somaliland” represent at the talks?


Mr. President:

The most critical procedural question that needs to be settled from the outset is who does this entity calling itself “Somaliland” represent at the talks?. Unless there is a sell-out on your part, these talks are bound to get no where if this question is not first settled. There are irreconcilable positions on this. “Somaliland” for one thing maintains its hackneyed mantra that it represents the whole clans and regions of the territory formerly known asBritish Somaliland. This is precisely the latest message from their so-called foreign minister, Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar.


In an interview with the BBC Somali Service on Thursday, April 19th, the minister claimed that the talks are between his “government”, representing the people of “Somaliland” (i.e.north westSomalia) on one side, and the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) representing the people of former Italian Somaliland(Somalia). It is in this regard that he raised their objection to the inclusion of two members hailing from the SSC regions in the TFG team selected for the talks, threatening that his “government” would not participate in these talks if these members, who are from his “country” as he put it, were not withdrawn. This amounts to a diktat which is unacceptable to the Somali people and hopefully no less to you and your government, Mr. President.


The minister’s demand is totally at variance with the letter and spirit of the London conference which merely called on theTFG, the internationally recognised government of the whole ofSomalia, north and south, to hold talks with the secessionists in its territory with a view to resolving this internal problem. The TFG therefore has a right to select members within its ranks that that hail from anywhere inSomalia. For you and your TFGto accept such preposterous demand from the minister that dictates to you the exclusion of participants from specific regions of Somalia (SSC) on the ground that they do not belong toSomaliabut are their patrimony and part of “Somaliland” is to de facto accede to their secession.


Mr President

The background to the union has great bearing on the secession, the question of who speaks for who in thenorth westregions ofSomaliaand on the substance of these talks. For the record, the only common aim and agreement among the five clans of formerBritish Somalilandfor demanding independence fromGreat Britainin May 1959 was simply to unite withItalian Somalilandand nothing else. No agreement, oral or written, exists among these clans for possible future secession by one clan or more from the union on whatever grounds. If one clan among these five is now opting for secession, as is the case, that is a matter for them alone and the people and government ofSomalia. It does not hence bind in anyway the other northern unionist regions and clans who still remain part ofSomalia.Somaliland’s use of force or occupation can not nullify these clans’ free will and their inalienable right to self-determination and to be part ofSomalia.


If clans and regions in north west Somalia were part of the secession as “Somaliland” always claims, there would have been no occupation in these unionist regions, no tanks and all sorts of lethal weapons used in Kalshaale and Buuhoodle region against ordinary civilians defending their rights, no systematic repression committed daily in Lascanod, and no Khaatumo State, Makhir State and Awdal State would have been established. These facts attests to the illegitimate basis of the secessionists’ “Somalilandbaby” and its current rejection by the people in the north other than its adherents.


Mr. President

The fallacious claim of the secessionists that all the clans and regions in north west Somalia as ones united under “Somaliland”, as one people, one country, with one government, might be imbibed by gullible uninformed foreigners but we know better as Somalis and among ourselves that it is nothing more than hogwash. All this is to remind you Mr President that “Somaliland” represents at the talks only its one-clan based secessionist enclave and none of the unionist clans and regions. These regions represent themselves at the regional level and are represented by theTFGat the national and international levels. Given that the talks affect them more than any other part of Somalia, they should have been represented by delegates chosen by their regional States of Somalia and, if not, by ministers in theTFGhailing from these regions.


2. Composition and profile of the TFG delegates to the talks


Mr. President

The confidence that the Somali people could have on these talks have been gravely dented by the way you have so far handled them. First, was the absence of maximum inclusive consultations with major stake holders in the talks such as the regional States innorth westSomalia(KhatumoState,MakhirStateandAwdalState). They are after all part of the subject of these talks givenSomaliland’s gratuitous and indefensible clam to them. Secondly, and what makes a mockery of your selection, is the inclusion of the minister of the interior and national security, Mr. Abdesamad Maalin Mohamoud, a self-declared, unrepentant and unabashed supporter of Somaliland’s secession (recall his VOA interview, November 2011). One has to therefore ask the rationale for his selection unless you too, Mr. President, share his stance and equally support the secession?. If that is not the case, he should be immediately withdrawn as well as others in the team whose loyalties to the union and toSomalia’s territorial integrity are questionable.


Thirdly, it is the bizarre inclusion of two ministers named by Mr. Faroole of Puntland that is found outrageous in many quarters. Where does he come in in all this? In allowing him to nominate SSC representatives from his administration, you have clearly endorsed his claim that the Khaatumo State of Somalia is null and void, that the SSC regions are part of Puntland and that he alone represents the SSC people. How do you square this action, Mr. President, with the fact that barely one month ago you recognised theKhaatumoStateofSomaliain which case it is them who should choose their representatives to the talks?. This is an insult and a stab in the back of the SSC people. And if you can betray them this way by submitting  to Faroole’s demand, what guarantee do we have you would not also betraySomalia’s unity in deference to “Somaliland”?. That fear Mr President is real and widespread.


Mr. President

This flip-flopping, of taking one positive step forward only to reverse it later and take two steps backwards, had sadly been a hallmark of your presidency. But this time the stakes are too high and one can only hope you do not do an irreversible damage to Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity before the end of your term – unless of course you do not mind going down in history as the man who just did that.


3. The Talks should only be preliminary and preparatory

For the reasons and analysis I had given above, and speaking for all those who care about their country and fear of a looming betrayal, I call upon you and your government to limit these talks with “Somaliland” to the modest aim of being preliminary and preparatory. They should pave the way for more substantive talks between them and the government that will take over from yours after August.


With all due respect, Mr President, this is not the time that an unelected, foreign- made, lame-duck administration on its way out after three months can be entrusted to decide on such existentialist issues as our unity and territorial integrity. For once, do your country and people a favour.


Finally, forgive me, Mr. President, if my language is at times strident. That is because I know no other way of getting the message through to you.


Osman Hassan

Email: osman.hassan2@gmail.com

Short URL: http://horufadhi.com/?p=15306

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13 Comments for “An Open Letter to Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, By Osman Hassan.”

  1. waan salaamay mujaahidiinta dhulbahante waxaan kale oo aad u salaamayaa osman hassan xafidahulaah wa racaahu waxaan u sheegayaa iidoorka afka xun xun oo gaal in ay daba socdaan mooyee wax kale aqoon islaamnimaduna kuba yartay ilaahay cadaabtiisa ciyaar uma sameysan iidoora kaa calin maayo cadaabta tan kale doobiyoow adigaa riyoonaya dhulbahante waa lagaranayaa gaalka aad daba taagan tahay waydii waxay yihiin? tan kale ilaahay oo laga cabsadaa qof kasta oo muslina waa ku waajib qofka weyn uun waajib kuma aha hadiise aad tii iidoorka wada hada waa laga gudbay ee orodoo diinta baro inta aad qof ilaahay aduunka keenay geeri la raadinayso horta iidoor diintii iyo ilaahay caydii ma ka daayeen?

  2. a s c dhamaantiin gaar ahaanna dhalinyaradda reer khaatumo gabdho iyo wiilalba
    in taa ka dib hadaan akhriyey maqaalka adeer osman ilaahay ha daayee islamarkaan eegay si yaalaha kala duwan ee aad maqaalkan u aragtaan
    waxaan u gartay in osman uu ka hadlay wax xaqa hadday tahay soomaali oo dhan iyo hadday khaatumo tahayba marka ninkii taa khalad u arka ma uu mudna in aad aad ula dhigdhigtaan waayo waa xaqdiid aragtidayda
    waad mahadsantihiin wsc

  3. These, remnant of British left over, are just uttering exectally, like their fathers, grand dads and beyond.
    An open letter from a wise man in english, made you all cry, how can you with stand when ssc warriors come again, and come alone to squeeze you lkie they did in the past. If Isak, does not have any written history, why are so you jealus about the Darvishes? Sheikh Sharif is their real president,and they communicate at any given time, but you guys, who the hell knows whether you exist or not?

  4. waar haatan muu carabi ugu qoro kkkkkkkk adeeer kuma fahmayeeee iska daa shariif maba yaqaan afkan qalaad aad ugu calaacashaye

  5. Dear Mr Osman Hasan, have my deap greatings. I really love this beatufitul article of yours and so many other ones i have seen. you are so right and are defending yours peoples rights. well done mr Osman and bear with Idoor Insects who are momenting on this page. Thank you osman for your your job.

    Finally, i wanna say to the stuped idoor ones like Ali and doobiye to stop the silly comments. this is nothing to do with you guys. if osman is above 80 years old and u claim to be younger than him only allah knows who is gonna go first. u can die at any age and therefore should consider yours rather than someones’s else.

  6. lements and begging a human being will never bring you anything. the only solution that you got is to accept your nationality and your nation of somaliland.

    go to mosque and end the beging a human and making a lot of lements.

    lements will never bring for you anything. let is remember this nice song of somali singer create his name called nuur eebo.

    illeen oohin kumaa bogsiiseee

    hamigu warwar kaama beeyee’ee

    calaacal waxkuuma keenee

    ileen duniyudu hawl badanaayee.

    that song is matching you. because you are crying but it never make you better.
    you are dreaming and wishing thing which never ends your worry.

    you keep lement but it never brings you anything.

    the world is too much work which is the one you cause your self. a job that will never brings you anything and will never benefits you.

    this war is a job you are doing but it never brings you any benefits or success apart from loosing your wealth and hapiness and changes your mood.

    remember somaliland is strong as lion and you are weak as a small ants or insects. so never compare your self with something that you know will rock you.

    viva somaliland republic and hope you will accept these facts unless you wishing for your people un ending disaster and unless you wish them to fled away from their homes.

    remember today somalia is very weak and always will remain very weak that is mean somalia will never have an ability to stop somaliland or either to divide somaliland nation.

    viva somaliland republic.

    • Aliduuflow what did you say, ” Somalia is weak and will remain weak while Somaliland nation is strong as a lion”. That is exactly how far the secessionists have travelled down the road of illusion and daydreaming. I wonder what they will do when the end hits home. That end is approaching fast. The issaqs are a minority Somali subclan who really live in fantasy world. They really take advantage of the anarchy is Southern Somalia and hope the status quo continues. They think in that confusion they would get recognition. Alas the South’s situation is changing for the better and Alshabab who originate from the Issaq are being routed out.

      • Amina Afcas, kkkkkkkkkk, the whole world know the facts on the ground, neither you nor this oldman can influence anyone in your sleep walking actions. I just felt reminding him of his age as pensioner to commit a bit more time to worshipping his ALLAH and refrain from the evil actions. It is uptp him though.

        Dhuloos people need to upgrade their leadership and group young and energetic folks who can read between the lines and live on the reality, but unfortunately, you seem to be drifting more to the world of fantasy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. @Doobiye.

    Show what small thinker can say, every Muslim needs to go to Mosque and to do Ebbadah, not Only Osman, even if he’s 80s , i don’t have promise from Allah, that ur not going to die , until u rich 80s. Still u can die while u ar in 15/20/25 or less then.

    But pro: Osman he’s defending the righteous, not the those kills the children, women and Old People, like Criminal Silanyo and others.
    Osman will get from his Allah reward, and for-four, and there’s motto, says, if u want the peace prepare the war.

  8. Osman,

    You are in your 80s and need to spend your time in the mosque asking forgiveness from ALLAH instead of begging Sharif who is fading fast in the dark. You better come to your sense and advocate peace for your people and those neighboring you. Your people need to catch up and compete with their compatriots in Somaliland. You should stop breading hatred among the brothers and sisters in Sool and Sanaag and live your age. You are currently behaving like a power hungry middle aged politician who want to gain wealth and power at any cost and that is not your game. Senior citizen should advocate sensible solution to all problems.

    • Mr. Doobiye by the way your fake name alone speaks volumes. From the looks of it you are a lot younger than Osman but you also sound that you have a guarantee from God that you will live long and that you don’t have to spend time in the mosque. Prayers are not only for those in their 80s but for all over 15 years of age.

      Mr. Osman has said nothing outside the thinking of all Somalis who love their country. Mr. Osman is a peace- loving individual who loves his country and would put out his life there to save it while you don’t have an iota of nationalism in your body. Mr. Osman isn’t spreading hatred; he is advocating for Somali unity, peace and respect for all. Brothers and sisters of SSC are going through the darkest days in their history in the form of atrocities perpetrated by secessionists who have no moral compass or understanding what nationalism is all about. You people cannot understand a simple fact that if Somalia is divisible so is Somaliland and you know for a fact except for the Issaq clan the other four clans(Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, Gudabirsi and Isse are diehard Somalis unionists and would never accept anything short of it. If there is an 80 year old man who needs frogiveness from Alla; it must be Siil-anyo.

  9. Well said Mr. Osman Hassan. Keep up the good work and write to the UNPOS as well as all the UN Somalia related political offices both in Africa or abroad. There a lot of usefull info in this letter and hopefully the presidential office will take notes from it to benefit the messed up political system in Somalia.

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