An Open Letter to President Ismail Omar Gelleh, By. NSUM Executive Committee Date:10 May 2012

Northern Somali Unionist Movement (NSUM)


An Open Letter to President Ismail Omar Guleed

NSUM Executive Committee

Date:10 May 2012


Subject: Djibouti and Somaliland


Your Excellency

In the Somali culture which you value and support to the hilt, a child orphaned would always look to his or her next of kin for help while in need. In a similar sense, Somalia has been orphaned when its State collapsed after clan insurgents working with neighbouring countries brought down the government, only to bequeath Somalia what we witness today: fragmentation, clan secession, and the vicious cycles of lawlessness and famine. OnceSomaliawas down and helpless, it has become a prey for its enemies and opportunity hunters. The exception was Djibouti, the only independent sister country Somalia had and its people could lean on in their time of need, just as they too sacrificed so much for Djibouti’s independence when it needed help from its independent sister, Somalia.


Under your wise leadership, Mr President, and in your tireless endeavour to revive theSomaliState, you organised in 2000 the first all- inclusive Somali conference at Arta, inDjibouti, in which President Abdelqasim Salaad Hassan was elected. That is not all. At all international and regional conferences and meetings onSomalia, you were there as the representative not only ofDjiboutibut also the people ofSomaliaand ensured to ward off any harm or schemes its enemies might have hatched. And to crown it all, it was your wise proposal that the problem withSomaliland’s secession be settled through talks among the Somalis themselves that the recent London Conference onSomaliaadopted. There is so much the people ofSomaliaowe you and could thank you for. But then you did what was expected of a brother and that is what brothers are for.


Given your past track record for the Somali cause, and your role as quasi caretaker of the failed State, it came as disheartening to witness the warm and rewarding treatment given this week to a visiting delegation from the renegade one-clan secessionist enclave calling itself Somaliland. But more than anything else, it is the outcome of their meeting with your foreign Minster which comes as an unbelievable alarming development. His announcement that several agreements had been signed with Somaliland as if it was a separate country from Somalia and, to top it all, announce that Djibouti would sponsor Somaliland to be given an observer status with IGAD, strikes at the heart of the Somali nation and its unity. Unless Djibouti changes course, or others stop Somaliland’s application, that road will lead to an observer status with the AU. If it come to it, Somalia, with or without its other friends in the region, would doubless foil this step-by-step short-cut to recognition.


Mr President, this is a dangerous development and we would like to believe that it does not represent your position, for it contradicts everything you stood for until now including your proposal that the secession be handled through inter-Somali talks. No need to remind you, Mr President, that Somaliland is not a monolithic entity whose people are united behind the secession. As you know, four of the five clans in formerBritish Somaliland, namely the Dhulbahante, Warsangeli, Gadabuursi and your own Isse, are deadly against the secession and committed to the unity ofSomalia.


What is happening in the north west regions (former British Somaliland) is a struggle between the one secessionist clan, the Isaaq, and the four unionist clans and regions. Noting shows their opposition to the secession more than their recent establishment of various regional States of Somalia: the Khaatumo State of Somalia, Makhir State and Awdal State. The frequent armed clashes between the people of Khaatumo State of Somalia and Somaliland’s occupying militia epitomises the struggle between the unionists and the secessionist clan. No matter how long it takes, this struggle is one in which the unionist clans and regions will ultimately win, for there is no way that one clan can prevail over determined unionist clans let alone the rest of Somalia. All that the Djibouti agreements and offer can do is give the secessionists false hopes, stiffen their backs and hence prolong unnecessary suffering on all sides.


Mr.President, Djibouti has nothing to gain from this anti Somalia action and indeed everything to lose. Stabbing Somalia in the back means that you (and Djibouti) would squander the brotherly goodwill of the people of Somalia and all for nothing. Besides, each country in the Horn, including your own, has at any one time or another one or more dissident clans and hence vulnerable to secession . Supporting Somaliland’s secession in whatever form is a dangerous precedent that could open a Pandora box. It could come to haunt one day those who back Somaliland. Secession is a scurge and it is in Djibouti’s interest as much as Somalia to thwart it. Concerned Somalis, Mr President, hope you will clarify your stand on Somaliland and hopefully put their minds to rest.


Please accept, Mr President, the assurances of our highest considerations.


NSUM Executive Committee.


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18 Comments for “An Open Letter to President Ismail Omar Gelleh, By. NSUM Executive Committee Date:10 May 2012”

  1. Somalibaan jecelahay buu leeyahay haddana wuxuu leeyahay Madaxweynow Somaliland minjo xaabi oo hilfaha u qaad. Dee labadaasi meel ma wada galaan xaajow.

  2. khatumo state citizen

    I say KKKKKKK!
    Gelle gelle gelle!.
    snm tags already admitted that, they will knock every door to get ‘AQOONSI,’
    doesn’t matter how is small the door is!.

  3. soomaaliya waa burburtay waxaana ka haray oo si xalaal ah usocdaa waa soomaaliland waa in taas soomaali ogaato.waana xaasidnimo ama xaaraan in aad tidhaahdo odoo og inaad xanuusanayso oo dhimanaya inaad walaalkaa oo caafimaad qaba aad tiraahdo cudurkaygu hakugu dhaco oo ila dhimo waa xaaraan maqdac ah sida diinta islaamku dhigayso..

  4. Kastuumo,

    You better mind your own poor punctuation and sentence building before criticizing other people’s language skills, you are surely ignorant cali beysteyn who has no clue of the contemporary English.

    Language is all about expressing your point of few and as long as others get the message one is trying to convey, it is a job well done. Your lack of respect for the president’s wife shows your poor background. You don’t even deserve a gentleman’s response Idiot.



  6. It is sad to see those who destroyed the nation of Somalia now carrying for help, this is school boy tactics, Gelle is fully aware of the Somali dilemma and has done his best to remedy it, but there is no cure for the damage you guys have done the Somali nation. It is a shame to see those who buried it shedding crocodile tears to disguise their true image for short term gains.

    President Gelle has made the right move when he changed direction and with good relations with his next door neighbor, he hit the nail on the head. Good to live with the reality President Gelle and cooperate with those helping themselves.

    • khatumo state citizen

      it is sad too that, you seem to discribe your own epidamic actions of SNm, tyring to put the burden on elsewhere!.
      SNM criminals the ‘QUDHMIS’ need not a remedy but new medicine research
      to threat the desease that they spread to their youngesters in north west of Somalia and either way, you are one of them.
      However, no wonder snm warlords are even ready to sale ther asses in order
      to get ‘AQOONSI’ nothing more than that I can sense happening in Jbouti

      Khatumo State forever and Greater Somalia

  7. khatumo state citizen

    to everone who claim to be something called ‘dreamland’.
    You guys are immitating the famous word of professor, Glaydh
    which was; Khatumo State is a risen sun, and no one can cover up
    with their palm!.
    By the way, Cumar Gelle has been fishing about around Somalia
    and he has been financed by the westerners for the dirt job. He
    has been working on that Somalia never come back for his own small
    state ‘s interest.
    Beyond that, see how he is a close friend with all the ememies of Somalia
    including, Ethiopia.
    Nin raggi waa og yahay, doqona loo sheegi maayo!.

  8. geele himself is nothing he is president o f a small somali afar nation, djibouti is even smaller than togdheer region of somaliland an has less pupulation than hargeisa, we can destroy the socalled djobouti nation within a hours if we want,

    what he can do about somaliland? nothing, i have to say, we can even replace him any time,

  9. President Ismail Omar Gelle will understand the meaning of this letter because he was trained by the best (NSS) National Security Service which was founded and run by Khaatumites just like Zenawi and Isaes Afwerki of Eritrea were.

    Proud to be a Khaatumo citizen always was and always will be!!
    allow dhowr Khaatumo

  10. Arête scorpion.je sais il n’est pas ne hier présidant gelle
    Donc il sait somali et tribales des somalien et aussi sait somali land est
    Organisation tribale .somali land n’est pas tribale d’Isaak
    Seulement tribal Isaak in samaroon ni darod
    Vraiment ce vous qui rêvez pourquoi par ce que depuis 20 ans
    Vous cherchez indépendance pour somali land. tout les mondes
    Sont surprises ce que vous cherchez par ce que la république somali est indivisible
    Je vous propos vous arrêtez la rêvez si non vous allez fou

  11. Arête scorpion.je sais il n’est pas ne hier présidant gelle
    Donc il sait somali et tribales des somalien et aussi sait somali land est
    Organisation tribale
    Seulement tribal Isaak in samaroon ni warsangali ni dhulbahante
    Vraiment ce vous qui rêvez pourquoi par ce que depuis 20 ans
    Vous cherchez indépendance pour somali land. tout les mondes
    Sont surprises ce que vous cherchez par ce que la république somali est indivisible

  12. Thanks you. Your letters ok good idea prof

  13. guys why you are keep lementing. my friends somaliland is yours so accept it and deal with it you are part of somaliland. hargeysa is your capital.

    get on and accept. forget about somaliweyn just think about dhulbahante’s future which is under somaliland administration. we all somaliland i am isaaq yes that is my clan. your clan is darod. overall we are somaliland the name is not only for me it is all of us. so get over my friends.

  14. Thanks you. Your letters ok good idea

  15. Calaacal.com

    stop crocodile tears, people did not born yesterday, Pres. Gelle is fully aware of the Somali history. He has wasted years of work in the lost cause you are dreaming, I applaud him for this change of direction as realty always prevails.

    Somaliland is a reality, it is risen sun and as we all know, it rising sun never goes back

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