Happy First Birthday Khatumo: YOU have arrived ! A State of the Union Speech 2012. By: A. Hindi


As true Unionists and branches of the KHATUMO tree, the communities of Faarah, Mohamoud, Baho-Nugaaleed, Gabooye, Fiqishinni and Kaskii-qabe stand tall and proud in Somalia’s Federal Landscape.

I want to start with a little story about a young man by the name of Abdullahi Jama. Abdul  was 16 years old, He lived near Buhodle city, he always wanted to study at Hawd secondary school, he also had a dream of having access to a computer and one day open up his facebook account. Unfortunately his life was cut short as He was one of dozens who lost their lives. Abdul was killed by A lethal bullet that hit him in his private parts. That day the enemy fire also obliterated his beloved village in sooljogto. Over the past year, hundreds of people were massacred and murdered in Sool Sanaag and Cayn. These people never crossed any border to attack anyone, ladies and gentlemen, they were killed right in their own homes. Kalshaale, Maygaagle, Sooljoogto, Hagoogane, Lasanod, Xuddun, Yagoori, Oog, boocame and more…Lest we forget all those who died for the Union.

Since 1991, after the collapse of the Central government, the elders of SSC have been talked and deceived into too many false alliances; We are neighbors, We are brothers, we can build this together. You have been let down too many times. These administrations, instead of lifting your people out of poverty and hopelessness, the favour has been returned to you by way of tribal manipulations and military invasions…some of which still stand today. Your young girls are afraid to venture out in the forest to accompany their goats and sheep, like little Halima who was recently raped and brutally murdered in the outskirts of Xuddun; Young journalists flee their homes for fear of being killed. Bullying armies are moving in and threatening new neighbourhoods everyday.

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1 Comment for “Happy First Birthday Khatumo: YOU have arrived ! A State of the Union Speech 2012. By: A. Hindi”

  1. That is very very greatfull topec,
    and exectaly he tolk what fuct is it!
    Well done,horufadhi,
    And we will be your side khatumo state as long as we can,
    we say again happy birth day khatumo sate

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