NO to Somaliland’s Blackmail to the London Conference By, Osman Hassan.

NO to Somaliland’s Blackmail to the London Conference

By Osman Hassan

17 January 2013

The minister for “foreign” affairs of the one-clan secessionist enclave calling itself Somaliland is reported to have raised unacceptable condition amounting to blackmail for their participation in the forthcoming London talks between the government of Somalia and its northern region (former British Somaliland). According to press reports, the minister was quoted as threatening their boycott of the forthcoming talks in London if representatives of the federal government include anyone hailing from the north (former British Somaliland). He claimed their position on this matter was accepted at the previous London conference in February 2011 and also at a subsequent meeting in Dubai between their leader, Siilaanyo, and the former Somali president, Sheikh Shariif Ahmed. If that is the case, where is the proof and, if he has one, what is the point of his spurious threat? The answer, of course, is that the minister has typically taken liberties with the truth as he has so often done in the past.


Making baseless assertions to serve their propaganda for the enclave has been the minister’s trademark. But even by his usual standards, he has gone over the top this time when he comes up with this bizarre claim and presumably still keeps up a straight face. Doesn’t he know we are not in the dark ages and that the facts in this day and age are common knowledge and incontestable. Either he has short memory when it suits him, or believes others have none. The fact of the matter is that there has been no agreement between the host country (UK) and the principal parties (Somalia government and Somaliland delegates) as to the region or clan composition of their representatives to the conference. Each side was free to select its allotted representatives without any dictation from the other side.


It is for this reason that the federal minister of education, Prof Ahmed Aideed Ibrahim, who hails from the Khatumo State of Somalia (based on the regions of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn), was one of the key representatives of the federal government at the conference, seated close to this very minister without any objection from him, and if anything radiating visible cordial body language. As for the meeting in Dubai, it was nothing more than an improvised informal rendezvous whose purpose was merely to reaffirm the continuation of the talks but otherwise did not engage in anything of substantive or procedural significance contrary to the minister’s characteristic spinning.


What is always predictable about the minister is his irresistible penchant to hector the international community to imbibe their false mantra as fact: that his clan, masquerading as a separate independent country, is the sole representative of all the other four clans in the northern territory of Somalia. Seen through their distorted prism, they will deny, or else count as of no consequence, the fact that these other clans remain vehemently unionists and indomitably opposed to the secession, as witnessed by the armed struggle raging in the Khatumo State of Somalia over the last 3 years. It is their way that counts and nothing else. And when their dictate is challenged on the ground in the unionist regions, their answer is occupation and repression; and when they sense they may not have their way at the international arena, they resort to oral threats and ultimatums in lieu of physical force.


This narcissistic self-righteousness – that their wishes are special and as such should always prevail over the inalienable fundamental rights of others – has been partly fostered by fawning hired lobbyists who unfailingly painted the enclave as the jewel of the Horn, a paragon of democracy, an oasis of peace and stability deserving recognition and not to be held hostage to what they ad nauseam depicted as the “turmoil-ridden” southern Somalia. It is the combination of the work of these lobbyists and the enclave’s own relentless propaganda since their declaration of secession in 1991 that has created worldwide the false impression among the less knowledgeable that the clans of Somalia’s northern regions are all behind the secession. Unfortunately for them, northern unionists have woken up, albeit belatedly, to chip away at their claims, paring it to the bone for all the lies they are.


This patent self-righteousness has also its roots in the colonial era when the clan was the coloniser’s favourite collaborator and rewarded with preferential treatment. That past special relations is being presently resuscitated by some wayward British parliamentarians who are nostalgic about their ex-colony and eager to see it splinter from Somalia and gravitate to the mother country as in the good old days. No wonder most in the enclave perceive Great Britain as having a soft spot for them and count on it to take their side when push comes to shove in their contest with the central government of Somalia. Of course, the British Government is not burdened with sentimental bag and beholden to a bygone era. What counts for it is what serves its interest best, which lies in a united and stable Somalia. By all indications, achieving this objective is the endgame of Britain’s current initiatives for Somalia, unless betrayed by the Somalis themselves


Each time the honourable minister makes one of his absurd statements, it should be seen against the backdrop of the preceding observations. As such, the question that arises now is why he should make this disingenuous baseless claim that the previous London conference agreed on the exclusion of northern unionists from the conference, and threaten their boycott of the conference unless this phantom “agreement” is respected?


One plausible answer could be that they are pessimistic about the outcome of the conference and are using this concocted unacceptable claim as an exit strategy; or more likely they may see the situation to have changed considerably in their favour since the previous London conference, and see the time now as auspicious to make a pitch for the exclusion of northern unionists who, more than southern participants, are bound derail their chances of success at the conference. Their sanguine outlook is based on the support they reckon they can get from the Somali government and the United Nations Special Representative.


Starting with the Somali government, much water has gone under the bridge since the first London conference. This time, there is a new Somali leader, unmistakeably ambivalent about the union and oozing empathy for the secessionists; and, no less important for them is the new foreign minister who hails from their secessionist enclave and who has a history of being diehard separatist. She has not recanted, openly and unreservedly, her allegiance to the secession which is the prerequisite for accepting her true return to the fold more than a fleeting ritualistic swearing by a sympathetic Chief Judge.


Both the president and foreign minister of Somalia are expected to lead their delegation to the conference. Rather than risk Somaliland’s boycott of the conference, they may expediently decide to exclude northern unionists from their delegation, particularly if he/she comes from the Khatumo State of Somalia, something which is an anathema to the secessionists. If they were to do that, such an action is bound to raise credible suspicions that the president and his foreign minister are in collusion with Somaliland in this conspiracy to exclude the unionists so that Somaliland can have its way at the conference. If that was to happen, it would only confirm the persistent doubts about their commitment to the union in the first place. The president, more than Somalia, would be the casualty as he digs his own political grave.


More than anyone else, it is the United Nations’ Special Representative to Somalia, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, to whom the secessionists are counting on for support and that is for good reasons: in flagrant disregard of his mandate, he has gone public on a number of times to declare his support for the enclave’s self-determination and recognition; and the more he got away with it, the more audacious he got with his support. Ratcheting up that support should be easier now that there is likely to be a more pro-Somaliland federal government delegation to the conference.


As for the talks themselves, they can be held in one of two ways: one way is for the conference to be between the Somali government and those who claim to belong to “Somaliland”, the latter defined as embodying those clans and regions who claim to have seceded from Somalia. Put this way, the people from the SSC regions and Awdal are not part of Somaliland since they do not subscribe to the secession, and the fact that they have established their own States speaks volumes. As such, they have nothing to do with this “Somaliland” and the talks are purely between the federal government of Somalia and the secessionists. Even so, the northern unionist regions and their clans, as part of federal Somalia, have the same right like other regions in southern Somalia that their members be included in the federal government’s delegation as happened in the first London conference. Somaliland should never be allowed to exercise veto power over this fundamental right irrespective of whatever retaliatory measures it threatens.


On the other hand, if the secessionists are claiming that “Somaliland” is more than one clan-based, and that the other clans and their regions, such as Khatumo, are part of it through the freely expressed will of their people, and not because they are under occupation, then that claim has to be put to the test and the only way it can be done at the London conference is for these regions and clans to send their true representatives. Somaliland can not have its cake and eat it. It can not demand self-determination and deny it to others. Nothing could portray its cynical contempt for this fundamental right than to bring their stooges to the conference, the likes of Xaabsade and Xagle, as the true representatives of the SSC people!


In the final analysis, no binding action on the break-up of Somalia can be taken by the president and his cohorts, at London or anywhere else. Such existential action regarding the dismemberment of Somalia will be null and void unless it has first and foremost the endorsement of the unionist people in northern Somalia; secondly, it is consistent with the constitution; thirdly, it has the approval of the Somali parliament and the cabinet; and in the end is approved by the Somali people through a referendum. It is difficult to see how the secessionists can get over the first hurdle let alone the successive ones. Going through this process is a dead end. A better one for all concerned is for the secessionists to come to their senses and return to the fold


Osman Hassan

Khatumo Forum for Peace, Unity and Development

Email: osman.hassan2@gmail.com

Short URL: http://horufadhi.com/?p=22496

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41 Comments for “NO to Somaliland’s Blackmail to the London Conference By, Osman Hassan.”

  1. Somalia is one Nation known as Somalia federal republic.
    We have one language,one religion,one ethnic and zo on thus
    There is NO somaliland government on the earth !
    one-clan secessionist enclave calling itself Somaliland are small group
    most of them are war criminals belonging to snm terrorrist.
    People of Khatumo state in the north of Somalia will never accept secessionist.
    also people from Awdal state of northwest Somalia has rejected the secessionist
    Somalia sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected.

    Wabilahi towfiq.

  2. @ osman hassan

    “On the other hand, if the secessionists are
    claiming that “Somaliland” is more than one
    clan-based, and that the other clans and
    their regions, such as Khatumo, are part of
    it through the freely expressed will of their
    people, and not because they are under
    occupation, then that claim has to be put
    to the test and the only way it can be done
    at the London conference is for these
    regions and clans to send their true

    do not forget siilaanyo is elected by all somaliland clans he and those he apoints are the true representatives of somaliland people. remember xaglotoosiye was your master just few months back he was your ayutullah khumayni and now you are calling him stool. man governments are talking not clans eather you stand behind siilaanyo or hassan sheekh .

  3. doroliqe

    hadii aad rabtid inaad wax badan ka ogaatid dulmadoobe halkan ka eeg iyo meelo kale en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dul_Madoba ,

  4. doroliqe

    maanta laylisbaan kuu dirayaa si maskaxdaadu u kobocdo, layliska ka hor cashar baan kuu dhigayaa kooban oo taariikha.

    bishii sideedaad sanadkii 1913 waxa kurta dulmadoobe ee ku dhaw tuulada ina-afmadoobe ka dhacay dagaal qadhaadh oo dhex maray ciidamada daraawiishta oo laba kun oo nin ka badnaa sitayna hub fara badan iyo ciidamada qaranka somaliland (camel corps) xiligaa loo yiqiin ahaana tiro boqol iyo dhowra laakiin hub casriya sitay. sarkaalka guutadaa hogaaminayey waxa la odhan jiray richard corfiel wuxuuna doonayey in daraawiishta oo berigii faro baas xoolaha dadka deegaankaa ku hayey dhicina jiray geelasha ummada laga qabto. dagaalkiibaa qarxay waxaana nasiib daro halkaa dhegta dhiiga loogu daray dhamaan guutadii corfiel oo wada somali ahaa iyo isaga laftiisii. sidoo kale waxa isla dagaalkaas lagu xabaalay 400 oo daraawiisha. dagaalkaa waxa guulaystay daraawiishta dawladii somaliland ka talinaysayna waxay dib ugu guurtay sheekh halkiibaanay ka socotay dhaca daraawiishtu ummada togdheer degan ku hayeen.


    imisa gaalbuu dilay sayidku cimrigiis intuu dagaalamayey?

    maxay iska mid yihiin daraawiishtii iyo alshabaabka maantu ma la odhan karaa godane isna xornimuu u dagaalamayaa iyo diin islaam ?

    kugu badinmaayee labadaa su,aalood jawaabtooda cilmi baadhis ku samee.

  5. Wasiirkii hore ee Warfaafinta Boobe Yuusuf Ducaale ayaa dhawrkii bilood ee u dambeeyey raajicis ugu jiray sidii ay xukuumada Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ee Somalia ugu magacaabi lahayd

    Hargeisa (BurcoOnline) 17.01.2013 Wasiirkii hore ee Warfaafinta Boobe Yuusuf
    Ducaale ayaa dhawrkii bilood ee u dambeeyey raajicis ugu jiray sidii ay xukuumada Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ee Somalia ugu magacaabi lahayd safiirkeeda u fadhiya Djibouti ama Addis Ababa.
    Siday ilo xogogaal ah oo ku dhawdhaw Madaxtooyada Somalia ay Haatuf u sheegeen, Mr Boobe waxa uu xilka safiirnimada ah uu markii hore waydiistay Madaxweynaha Somalia Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud oo ay labadooduba u wada shaqayn jireen mashruucii “Mujtamaca Dagaaladu Kala Faquuqeen-War-Torn Society” kaas oo hada magaciisa loo yaqaan Interpeace.
    Hase yeeshee Mr Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa waxa uu Boobe u sheegay inuu waafaqsan yahay magacaabistiisa, balse aanu arintaasi u gacan dhaafi karayn wasiirkiisa arrimaha dibada Foosiya Yuusuf Xaaji Aadan. Ilo u dhuundaloola arintan ayaa waxa ay Haatuf u xaqiijiyeen in Boobe markii dambe uu telefoonka kula xidhiidhay Foosiya mar ay dhawaan booqasho ku joogtay magaalada London, balse ay magacaabistiisa ku xidhay inuu marka hore Xamar yimaado.
    Boobe oo xilka wasiirka warfaafinta Somaliland loo magacaabay 14/3/2012, lagana qaaday xilkaasi 28/8/2012, ayaa mudadaas dabadeed inta la og yahay mar kaliya oo uu Djibouti gaadhay dalka dibada uga baxay. Waxa xusid mudan in Boobe qoraalkiisa taxanaha ah ee ku saabsan Sirdoonka Somaliland ee ku soo baxa qaar ka mid ah wargeysyada dalka, ninka qarsoon ee reer Somalia ee uu xiganayaa uu yahay Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, kaas oo intii aan loo dooran xilka uu hadda hayo ay isaga iyo Boobe wada kulmi jireen marka uu Hargeysa booqashada ku yimaado.

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  7. hargaysawi

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    Dagaalkan Ayaa waxa uu socday Mudo Saacad Ku dhow Dhamaan waxa Soo Toosay Shacabkii Gudaha Magaalada Joogay Oo ku toosay Madaafiicda Ku Hoobanaysa Xeryaha Maleeshiyaadka SNM,
    Ee marin Habaabinta Ku jooga Laacaanood. Dagaalkan ayaa waxa uu ku soosiqay bariga Magaalada Gaar Ahaan Meesha Lagu Magacaabo Oo Dogooye,
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  10. SSC-Citizen from Xudun

    WAAAW. Allahu Akbar….wararkii ugu dambeeyey waxay sheegayaan in xalay waqti isku mid ah Agagaarka Xudun, iyo buurta sayidka ee lascanod xero ku taalay oo iidooru deganaa isku mar xabadu leeftay, labada dhinacba khasaaraha gaadhay wuu tiro beelay….Allahu Akbar wa lillahi xamdi…
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    Khaatumo Khayr!!

  11. Soolboy

    Haa indr waa soo dhawaadkii bay aheyd sida aan maqlay. 2013 waa sanadka snm laga sifeyn lahaa Sool sidii gobolka Cayn looga sifeeyey

  12. wasiirka snm

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  13. janada ssc

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  14. Degdeg

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    Viva Khaatumo State

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  16. SSC-Citizen from Xudun


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  18. SSC-Citizen from Xudun

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  20. To. Dhamantiin

    Dadka aqoonta gaaban waxaan rabaa in aan fahansiyo magaca Darwiish sida uu ku baxay iyo waxa ujeedadiisu ahayd.

    Maxamed Cabdalle Xassan ayaa markii uu yimi Berbera wuxuu la kulmay Shiikh la odhan Aw Cali Ducaale oo ka soo baxay Jaamacada Al Azhar ee ku taala Qaahira ahna Jamacada ay ka soo baxaa culimada waaweyn ee wadamada Islamka looga danbeeyo diinteena Suuban ee Islamka, halkaas waxaa ku dhexmaray dood diineed ama ‘Munaadara’ isaga iyo Maxamed Cabdalle Xasan, masaa’ilka dooda laga samaynayayna waxaa ka mid ahaa Iimanka iyo gaalaysiinta qofka la galaysiiyo, waxaa doodaas goob joog ka ahaa Caalim Azhar laga soo diray si uu u dhex dhexadiyo doodaas waxaana aakhirkii doodaas ku guulaystay Sheikh Aw Cali Ducaale.

    Doodaas markii laga guulaystay Ina Cabdalle Xasan wuxuu ogaaday in ay wadanka joogaan culumo diinta aad u yaqaana isagana macalin u noqonkarta wuxuuna go’aansaday in aanu sii joogi karin Berbera iyo Burco toona sababtuna ay tahay waxaa ka buuxa labadaas magaalo culumo ka soo baxday Azhar sida Aw Cali oo kale wuxuuna raadiyay meel uu fikirkiisa ku soo bandhigi karo kuwaas oo aan aqoon u lahayn diinta iyo maadiga toona lana doodi karin oo aan kala garanayn waxa saxa ah iyo waxa khaladka ah, baadi doonkii uu ku jira si uu u helo dadkaas wuxuu yimi deegaanka nugaasha halkaas oo ka helay dadkii uu rabay, wuxuuna u sheegtay in uu Sayid yahay awliyana yahay waxna Gaalaysiin karo Waxna Mu’min iyo Awliyo ka dhigi karo, ‘Subxana allah’ wuxuuna dhamaan dadkii ku amray in ay askar noqdaan kii diidana uu yahay Gaal oo ay banaantahay dhiigiisa iyo maalkiisuba,Cidii hadalkiisa ka hortiimadana ay Xujoobayso taas oo ay banantahay dhiigisa iyo maalikiisuba iyo waliba sharaftiisa in la ceebeeyo. Wayna u hirgashay taasi isaga oo dadkii deegaankaa ku noolaa ka dhigtay adoomo uu isagu leeyahay sidii uu doonana ula dhaqmo.

    Hadaba Magaca Darwiish wuxuu u bixiyay dadkii juhalada ahaa ee uu askarta qortay isaga oo isaga dhigaya in uu yahay nin afaf badan ku hadla oo cilmigu biyo dhigan.

    kalmada Darwiish waa af turki macnaheeduna waa ”Askari

    Sidaas iyo ka faa’iidaysi wacan

  21. kalshaale

    adigu halkaasi ka shub illeen waa la ogyahay qorshaha meesha yaala. hadii wadahadalkaasi labada gees is af garan waayaan waxaa taala fikirkan aan sheegay barkulanka labada gees oo kala matalaya somalidii ingiriiska iyo talyaanigu waxay noqon doontaa newyork.

    no more muqdisho. muqdisho waxay caasimad u tahay somalidii talyaaniga. hargeysana waxay caasimad u tahay somalidii ingiriiska.

    labadeenaba newyork baa inoo ah meesha aan ku kulmayno waana nala simi inaga iyo somalia. is diidsii se waa qasab. xuduudahana sidii isticmaarku inoogu kala sooray baa naloogu kala soorayaa.

    kursi lamid ah kan somalia ayaynu united nationka ka helaynaa.

    our main goal waxay ahayd in muqdisho iyo hargeysa la simo. in somalia iyo somaliland la simo oo awooda ay hada sheegtaan laga hoos qaado.

    waana tan guushiiye maxaad haysaa illeen sidii awal lakala ahaa ayaanu xuduudo u kala yeelanaynaa midkii ingiriisiyo midkii talyaani. intaasina cabaad macno daran halkaa ka wad.


    wadahadaladu waxay bilaaban doonaan bisha february ee soo socota.

  22. war bixintii ugu dan baysay ee ingiriisku gudbiyey wuxuu soo jeediyey in aan la aqoonsan waqooyi galbeed 1)wuxuu yidhi 100%90 waa dad daroogayste ah oo siday qaad u cunayeen wada waalan 2) wuxuu yidhi AK 47 ayaa guriga u wada dhexyala oo haday isku xanaqaan way isla dhacayaan sidoo kale wax uu sheegay in ay magaalooyinka waa weyn xitaa jilib jilib u kala degen yihiin oo haddii ay islayaan aanay isu gelin wuxuu kaloo sheegay in beelihii kale ee ay isku deegaanka ahaayeen aanay diyaar u ahayn in ay soomaaliya ka go aan sidaas daraadeed maha dad dawlad noqon kara ee waa in ka mid ahaanshaha soomaaliya lagu hayaa si fiicanna loo daaweeya

  23. It’s not a bad thing to keep the pressure on the government to clarify things,when it comes to who the separatist entity in Hargeysa represents,it is also important not to overreact .there are other groups whose ultimate goal is to sabotage this real opportunity for Somalia. They can’t reconcile with fact that they could not get one the top posts of the governed ,it’s them that are spearheading this so called jubaland propaganda. So we mustn’t do their biding by falling into the false trap of clan emotions. I am yet to see any concrete evidence to suspect that president hassan has malicious intention to compromise on the country’s unity however unimpresive his style is. Specially darwiish offspring will have lot to lose if this government fails as we are between fanatic separatists and savage manipulators of punland .

    • xiis

      ma riyoonaysaa adigu. war arrinka waxaan gaynay muqdisho awooda ay sheegato halaga qaado. kkkkkk

      oo maanta laga bilaabo new york weeye bar kulankeena.

      london baa inaga nalaga hagayaa koonfurna rome ayaa laga hagayaa. sidaan sheegayna labada gees waxay noqonayaan laba maamul oo siman. wax kastaana kala gaar baan u kala leenahay. safaaradaha gaar ayaan teena u qadanaynaa.

      muqdisho iyo hargeysa waa simnaanayaan awoodii ay lahaayeen mid lamida ayaanu united nationka ku dhex yeelanaynaa. kkkkkkkk

      ama koonfur waxay ogolaan go’aankeena ama labadeenuba sidan aan sheegnay waa nala simayaa oo united nationka ayaa inaga wakiil ah oo ay hor mood ka yihiin rome iyo london. kkkkk

  24. Söm?l?l?ndêr

    Read these one carefully !!!!

    27. Tirsan mayno uunkii tirmiyo, tulushle Iiddoore
    28. Gaaladu waxay tacab lahayd, taabnay galabtaase
    29. Maadhiin turaabtaa ka badan, tuurta kaga qaadnay
    30. Tukihii intaan niman u wadhay, tobanle soo qaatay
    31. Gebagebo u tooxnoo Kufriga, maarre kaga teednay


  25. My beloved country somaliya in gaalo la hoos geeyo todobaaatan Kun oo darawiish ah Ayaa u dhimatay , ninkii gaalo rabo wadanka ha ka guuro oo ha aado gaalada


    .1. Annagoo Taleex naal jihaad, taladi soo qaadnay *
    2. Toddobaatan boqol oo Darwiish, togatey neef doora
    3. Sayidkeennu tii uu na yiri, Torog ku heensaynnay
    4. Shakadaha intuu noo tebbedey, noogu tacab qaybi
    5. Illaahay ha’ tabantaabiyee, ducada noo tuumi

    6. Wareegada rag baa waxay tewali, yaan wax kaa tegine
    7. Annana tawlka qaalmaha nin iyo, tulud u soo saarray
    8. Sibraar caana geel loo tabcaday, talax ku sii maallay
    9. Tiirkii Rasuulkiyo sharciga, toog ku wada fuullay
    10. Galabtaa taxaabiyo kadlaba, toobiyaha raacnay

    11. Habeenkii fardaha waw tudhnaye, taag ku sii mirannay
    12. Tun biciida lagu qoofalyow, xamashka loo taabay
    13. Talaaduhu markii ay dhaceen, talalay oo reemay
    14. Tixda gabayga goortaan akhriyey, toose niman jiifay
    15. Tiraabkaygu meeshuu ka baxay, la isku soo tuumi

    16. Salaaddii markii aan tukannay, yaarka kaga taagnay
    17. Togga Ulasameed dooyadii, horay u tuuryeynay
    18. Intay timacad noo soo arkeen, marada noo taage
    19. Annaguna jihaad kama tagnee, tiimbad ugu roorray
    20. Sengeyaal tabaadiyo galool, weerarka u tooxnay

    21. Tiiraanyo ololkii dhulkii, Taani naga qaaday
    22. Tallaa’ayda qaylada Berbera, tahan la weydaari
    23. Taambuuglayaashiyo kuway, tebeysey soo gaadhe
    24. Teysaha gugii oo hanqadhay, tininigtii yeedhay
    25. Talaxumada awrkuu u xidhay, baqe tarraarsiinnay
    26. Gildhigaanka meeshuu turqaday, lagu tunsii geela

    27. Tirsan mayno uunkii tirmiyo, tulushle Iiddoore
    28. Gaaladu waxay tacab lahayd, taabnay galabtaase
    29. Maadhiin turaabtaa ka badan, tuurta kaga qaadnay
    30. Tukihii intaan niman u wadhay, tobanle soo qaatay
    31. Gebagebo u tooxnoo Kufriga, maarre kaga teednay

    32. Tafwareeman maynine intaan, tubay ku aanshaaday
    33. Galabtaa carraabada ku nimid, turugga Buuhoodle
    34. Habeenkaa ninkii tamar lahaa, tarantarree gaadhka
    35. Habeen kale taxaashay Nugaal, Godan u tuuryeynay
    36. Habeen kalena tuuraha Cadduur, toolin kaga maallay
    38. Habeen kale Tagaabeeye iyo, tu’innay Hayllaawe
    39. Habeenkanna Dariiqada tubnoo, toosan lagu qaybsay

    40. Toban gool tabaadiga dhigiyo, toban unuun gooyo
    41. Iyo toban tiftii hore rimoo, taani lagu qooqshey
    42. Iyo toban abeer tawllahoo, tixinka qaalmooda
    43. Iyo toban irmaanoo aniga, la igu taageeray
    44. Iyo taan eryoon jirey markay, tubantehey joogto
    45. Been laguma tookhiyo afaan, taabud noqoneyne
    46. Intaa Xarunta waan tubay xaqaa, lagu tanaadaaye

    47. Warka Tuurre waa laga hayaa, taniyo Iimey e
    48. Waa Xamar tarraara oo misana, taab ku sii daraye
    49. Taltallaabsigiisiyo kabtiga, tabo kolow dheere
    50. Anigana tis bay galay intaan, col ugu taagnaaye
    51. Tuludna uma godlaan reeruhuu, tawl ka saanyadaye
    52. Tafantoofka gaalkuu u dilay, waa tix geliyaaye
    53. Suuldaan Ruumna loo tebi inuu, tuuladii gubaye
    54. Tima soohanlow Eebbahay, kuma tabaaleeyo

  26. ali

    shukran bro .. waad ku mahadsantahay jawaabtaad isoo siisay ee waaqica dhab kahadlaysay !!

    viva mahad canbashe
    viva somaliland



  28. somalilander

    saaxiib aan ku saxo wadahadalka kolkaanu wadagalno somalia waxaa nala horkeenayaa in aanu labadeenu noqono laba maamul oo siman labadeenuba united nationka ayaa inoo dhaxaysa.

    laakiin arrinka puntland majeerteen ha yeelo ama ha diido khasab ayuu ku hoos aadayaa xamar. illeen inagaba taleex ma ogolaanshaan ku joognaa waa maya. dee puntland na khasab ayay ku tahay in muqdisho la hoos geeyo

    qorshaha reer galbeedka ayaa soo saaray. waxaana isla lafa guray ingiriiska iyo talyaaniga.

    si aanay hadhow isku dhac u dhicin waxaa iminka la sameyay in la simo labada geesoodba. kolkaa inagu united nationka kursi buuxa oo lamid ah kan somalia ayaan ku yeelanaynaa oo sidii laba dal oo jira ayaa naloola macaamilayaa.

    somalia iyo somaliland waxay ku midoobayaan waa dano gaar ah. dahanaasi oo ah la dagaalanka budhcad badeeda iyo la dagaalanka alshabaab iyo argagixisada mandaqada ka jirta.

    united nationka ayaa xuduudaha inoo kala sooraysa labadeenaba ayadaa inoo talinaysa. ingiriisna intii uu u talin jiray gooni ayay dowlad u helaysaa talyaanina intuu u talin jiray gooni bay dowlad u helaysaa. waxayna barta lagu kulmayaa noqon doontaa new york.

    somaliland E pass port waa la aqoonsanayaa. somalia E pass portna waa la aqoonsanayaa. labada geesoodba safaarado siman bay yeelanayaan. waxayna awood ahaan hoos aadayaan united nationka.

    waxaan ku leeyahay arrintan puntland eed sheegtay ayaku ha yeeleen ama ha diideen ee waa khasab ayay xamar ku hoos aadayaan. waxana lagu dhaqmayaa oona la fulinayaa xuduudihii isticmaarka.

    illeen inaba doonista taleex ma ku joogno ee xoog iyo siyaasad ah xukun oo kala qaybi baanu isticmaalaynaa saasi weeye sida majeerteen ayana loo galayo oo dowlada somalia ee muqdisho waxaa la siin doonaa awood wayn oo waxyaalaha aanu iska kaashanayno waa la dagaalanka xuduud qabiileedka iyo oofinta xuduudihii isticmaarku labada gees u kala dhigay. waana taas arrinka aynu ka wada arrinsanayno.

  29. Söm?l?l?ndêr

    Akhriso gabaygan Iyo jabkii ku dhacay adeerkaa Ingriis,

    Adaa Koofilow jiitayoon, dunida joogeyne
    Adigaa jidkii lagugu wadi, jimic la’aaneede
    Jahannamo la geeyow haddaad, aakhirow jihato
    Nimankii jannow kacay war bay, jirin inshaalleeye
    Jameecooyinkii iyo haddaad, jawhartii aragto
    Sida Eebbahey kuu jirrabay, mari jawaabteeda
    Daraawiish jikaar naga ma deyn, tan iyo jeerkii dheh
    Ingiriis jabyoo waxaa ku dhacay, jac iyo baaruud dheh
    Waxay noo jajuubteenna waa, jibasha diinneed dheh
    Jigta weerar bay goor barqo ah, nagu jiteeyeen dheh
    Anigana Jikrey ila heleen shalay, jihaadkii dheh
    Jeeniga hortiisey rasaas, igaga joojeen dheh
    Jiiraayaday ila dhaceen, jilic afkoodii dheh
    Siday kuugu jeexeen magliga, jararacdii sheego
    Billaawuhu siduu kuu jarjaray, jeerarka u muuji
    Naf jaclaysigii baan ku idhi, jaallow iga daa dheh
    Jaljalleecadii baa wadnaha, jeeb ka soo ruqay dheh
    Jeedaaladii baa indhuhu kor, ii jillaadmeen dheh
    Jimic kagama helin tuugmadaan, jeriyey ruuxii dheh
    Kolkaan juuq idhaahdaba afkay, iga jifeeyeen dheh
    Dhaaxaan jalleecee dhagbaan, jalaq la ii siinin dheh
    Goortaan jarreeraba gafoo, nolol ka jaan qaaday
    Sida janannadii hore tashigu, igu jaguugnaa dheh
    Taladii jinnigu ii hor maray, jaasadeed helay dheh
    Jiidaha xanuunka leh markii, la igu jeeraarshay
    Jibaadka iga soo baxay dadkii, jiifka qaban waa dheh
    Kolkay rubaddu jow tidhi or bay, iga ag jiibsheen dheh
    Jiidhkaygiina bahalbaa cunoo, jiitay hilibkii dheh
    Jurmidiyo baruurtii dhurwaa, jugux ka siiyaa dheh
    Jiljiladiyo seedaha tukay, igaga jaaseen dheh
    haddaan lays jikraareyn tolkay, laga jidroonaa dheh
    Weligood waxaa lagu jaraa, jilib-dhig duulaan dheh
    Daraawiishi waa jibindhowgiyo, jowga soo bixi dheh.

  30. idoor liqe

    waxaasi waa dacayadii aad buugaagtii siyaad bare ku qori jirteen kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk iyo darawiish ba halkan martay oo ingris cuntay .. mahad canbaashe ayaa daraawishtii liqay ad ku faani jirteen .. buurta laascanood agteda kutaalana dahab bay dhididaysaabaa layidhi maalin dhoow .. iyada iyo shidaalka holholba waanu soo saaraynayee intaad iska daysayso macalayacnigan aad ku hadlayso .. tolka dhinac karac .. intaan busku dhaqaqin ..
    viva mahad canbashe
    viva somaliland

  31. Söm?l?l?ndêr

    War dee anaku citizen Ayaan nahay Hadaan caydh qadano taasina waa wax xaquuqda Aan wadanka ku leenahay . Mida labaad ogow taxpayers Ayaan nahay ( cashuur bixiyayaal).

    Somalinder adigu reer berbera Ayaad tahay ok fine wiilkii yaraa ee reer berbera ee gaalkii Ingriis u bixiyey John Kana badaley magaciisii islaamka ahaa ee Abdilahi taas jawaab maxaad u Haysaa ??????

    Benefit ka aad darawiish ka hesheen waa inaad u Mahad celisaa Awoowayaashay Darwiish waayo Hadeysan dhiigooda dadin maanta waxaad NOQON la heyd kufaar !!!!!!!!! ,

  32. Qofkii alle la doono khayr wuxuu fahan siiyaa diinta; waa xadiis
    marka diinta la fahansiiyana waxaa u suurta gelaysa inu guto oo si fiican ula yimaado muhiimadii loo abuuray,ee ahayd caabudida Alle,(c.n.k).marka la rabo in Alle(c.n.k) la caabuddo waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in si dhaba loo yaqaano Allaha la caabudayo, waxa uu rabo iyo sida uu u rabo in loola yimaado, si hadaba taas looga soo boxo ayaa waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in cilmi looleeyahay cibaadada iyo camalka layska doonayo, iyo sidoo kale habka la doonayo in loo sameeyo.
    hadaba barashada quraanka iyo tafsiirkiisa, axaadiista, sunada nebiga iyo cilmiga fiqiga waa lagama maar maan in uu qofku ka yaqaan in ku filan si ay suurto gal ugu noqoto inuu ilaahay u caabudo sida uu istaahilo ee uu xaqa u leeyahay.

    cilmiga fiqigu wuxuu ka midyahay cilmiyada la barto kuwa ugu fadliga iyo nafciga badan, waa cilmi sharafta iyo weynaanta uu leeyahay aan tilmaan lagu soo koobi karin. waa cilmiga lagu kala saari karo xalaasha iyo xaaraanta. waa cilmiga lagu ogaado waxa alle lagu caabudo iyo sida loogu caabudo. waa cilmiga lagu ogaado dhaqanka iyo macaamilada ka dhexeysa qofka iyo khalqiga(waxa alle abuuray) intiisa kale.
    cilmigani wuxuu u kala baxaa laba qaybood

    1- waa qayb qofkasta waajib ku ah oo aan laga yeelayn in uu qofku jaahil ka noqdo. qaybtaasi waxay la mid tahay quudka daruuriga ah, oo qof walba naftiisu u baahantahay, wax yaabaha ay waajibka tahay in qof waliba bartona waxaa ka mid ah
    Salaada iyo sida loola yimaado.
    soonka iyo sida loo soomo
    sakada iyo sida loo bixiyo haduu xoolo haysto
    xajka hadii uu ku waajibo waa markuu haysto xoolo ku filan
    iyo mucaamilada ka dhexeeysa qofka iyo dadka kale ee uu la dhaqmayo.

    intaas oo dhan waxaa ka sii horeeya inuu barto caqiidada saafiga ah oo uu ka baranayo wax kasta oo qofka laga rabo inuu rumeeyo, iyo weliba sida uu u rumeeynayo.

    wax barashaduna waa wax uu islaamku ka dhigay xaq uu qof kastaaba leeyahay
    uuna weliba waajibiyey,
    Rasuulka (n.n.k.h) oo weliba arintaas ka hadlayaana wuxuu yidhi;
    Daalbashada iyo raadsashada cilmiga sharciga ahi waa waajib saaran oo laga rabo
    qofkasta oo muslim ah.. qofkii isagoo awooda aan cilmiga ka baran intriisa quutul daruuriga ah waa ku dambaabayaa.

    2- waa qayb aan dadkoo dhan waajib ku ahayn, oo hadii muslimiinta qaarkood bartaan inta kale waajibaadku ka dhacayo.taasina waa in la helo qaar muslimiinta ka mid ah oo taqaqus buuxa u leh culuumta islaamka, sida xadiiska, tafsiirka, fiqiga iyo iwm. culimadaasi waa inay dadka baraan cilmigaas awoodna u leeyihiin inay shareecada kala soo dhexbaxaan masalooyinka cusub oo soo biiraya xukunkooda

    culumadaas aan soo sheegnay waxaa la mid ah in la helo dad sidoo kale cilmi balaadhan u leh cilmiyada aduunyada,sida dhaqaalaha sancada (sida tignoolajiyada sare oo hada caalamka hogaanka u haysa,cilmiga bulshada iyo wixii la mid ah, si ay awooda muslimiinta iyo haybada ay aduunka ku leeyihiin u sugaan , isla markaana ay caalamka u leexiyaan xaga cadaalada,nabada iyo nolosha wanaagsan, diinta islaamkana u meel mariyaan, sababtoo ah haddi aan taas la helin qofka daciifka ah, xag dhaqaaleed, xag awoodeed,xag cilmi ma uu meel marin karo diinta, naftiisa iyo sharaftiisana ma uu illaashan karo,sida waqtigaanba muslimiinta haysata.

    F.G. cilmiga wax tarkiisu waa ku camal fal iyo dabbaqid. haddii sidaas la waayo oo ruuxa cilmiga bartay wuxuu la mid noqonayaa aalad ama qalab cilmi laga buuxiyey, sida kumbuyuutarka. marka la fiiriyo xaga faa’iidada iyo cilmiga uu dadka u gudbiyo, isla markaana isagu uusan waxba ku dheefayn. sidoo kale wuxuu la mid noqonayaa shumaca ama kandhalka la shito oo dadka iftiinka siiya laakiin isagu naftiisa guba oo baabi’iya.

    hadaba walaalayaal waa inaan dhamaanteen baranaa cilmiga diiniga ah iyo kan dunyawiga ah isla markaana nafteenana ku anfacnaa. dadka kalena u faa iideeynaa.
    markaas baynu noqonaynaa adoomo ilaahay ka raaliyahay.

    casharkaan ilaahy haynagu anfaco dhamaanteen

  33. idoor liqe

    sowdiga caydha ka qataa galaadaa ee mar marna halkan kusoo qorra afkoodaa qalaad … soow kan inadeerkaa xaashi horufadhi kusoo qoray fartaad leedaha darawiish baa ladagaalantay …. maxaad carabta u tagi wayday >?? waara anagaa jecel ingriis .. oy maraykan .. iyo yahuud .. japan . iyo taiwan .. iyo ……..

    kk.k.k.k adeeroow hanaga xumayn partga iyo clubada yaan alshabab nala qorine kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    viva mmahad canbashe
    viva somaliland

  34. Söm?l?l?ndêr

    War taangigii walaalaheen AMISOM wuu soo socda xagaad u riyootay ,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,

    Abti taanigaga AMISOM wadanka oo dhan waa marayaa ee be patient !! !

    Lets finish first southern Somalia , northern Somalia will coming up later ,!!!!!

  35. Ali

    IskAdaa gaal jaceylka ninyahow , waa Maxay united nation Iyo ingriiska Ayaan hoos tageynaa ?????,

    YAAb reer ka idoorka maxaa gaalada kufaarta ah jecleysiiyey , dhiiga ha Nagu kicin gunimadas Iyo gaal jaceylkaagu waa waxaan darawiish u noqonay ee gaalkii Ingriis ee balagta dheeraa wadanka uga saarnay !!!! ,

  36. ali

    wan kugu racaay fikirkaas … laakiin dawlada somalia sideey ugu fidin kartaa xukunkeedaa ooy usoo gaadh siinkartaa puntland ….. maxaa yeelaay majeerteen ma amiin sana dawalada somalia .. markaa miyaan caqabado waweyni hortaagnayn …. somaliland hadeer waxa uun naga dhiman waa taleex . iyana waa iska keen hoos joogtaa .. laakiin xassan sheekh waxaan u arkaa in caqabad weyni hortagan tahay !!!

    viva somaliland

  37. sidaan sheegay labada geesi waxay kala rabaan lagama soo saarayo wadahadalkan. somaliyana midnimo ma helayso oo faramadhan ayay koonfur kula noqon somalilandna waxay helaysaa awood somaliya la siman. labadeenaba waxaanu noqonayna maamul goboleed united nationka ayuun baa inoo dhaxaysa oo inoo noqonaysa dowlada dhexe. somaliya intii talyaaniga ayay maamulaysaa oo ay awood u leedahay somalilandna intii ingiriiska ayay maamulaysaa oo ay awood u yeelanaysaa. aqoonsi ayaa labadeenaba nala siinayaa si siman.

    dowlada maraykanku hada kumeel gaadh ayay somaliya u aqoonsatay somaliland na way aqoonsan sidaasi si lasiman.

    badalkiina dowlada dhexe ee labada gees waxay noqoni united nationka new york ayaa labadeenaba nalooga talin. somalia iyo somaliland way is awood leekaani doonaan diid ama yeel waataasi qorshaha wadahadalku. anagu guushayadu waxay tahay in somalia iyo somaliland la simo oo aan somalia wax awood ah helin. in dowlada muqdisho awood u hesho sidii ay ugu fidilahayd intii la isku odhan jiray former italian somaliland.

    sidoo kalena somaliland u hesho awood ay ugu fido dhamaan goboladii la isku odhan jiray former british somaliland protectorate. waana arrin inoo sahlaysa inaanu noqon doono mustaqbalka aan fogayn dal madaxbanaan sidoo kalena kastuumo aan albaabada uga laabayno puntlandna xamar loo hoos gaynayo. waxayna labada geesi ku noqon doonaan sidii awal lakala ahaa former british somaliland iyo former italian somaliland laakiin doorkan waxaa inoo dhaxaysa waa united nation ka.

    • Kkkkk war waxan aad page-ka ku qoratay ma ayaydaa oo indhala ay aa kuugu sheekaysay intaad buug iyo qalin la’dulfadhiisatay aarfeker qof wayn ayaad tahaye aduunka maysoo mari wadan laba formerle laba m/weynele 2mucaawimo ka hela hayaada lacagta aduunka rashia ayaa taa laga diiday 1844 markaa hadii aadan siyaasad wax ba ka aqoon aabahaa iyo awowga na ku marin habaa binayaan iyago garanaya ayay wax ay somaliland la jecelyihiin kuu sheegeen sorry dauble sorry hadiii ay runta kuu sheegaan waad qalbi jabi lahayd. Ha isku ceebayn meelahan oo kale

  38. qorshaha wadahadalka somaliland iyo somalia waxaa diyaariyay reer galbeedka. waxaana qorshuhu yahay fikir ka duwan fikirka ay labada geesi qabaan. somalilandna gooni ma noqonayso somaliyana midnimada ay rabto ma helayso. ee waxa meesha kasoo bixi doonaa qorshe ah in labada geesood loo aqoonsado maamulo kala gaar ah oo mesha ka saaraysa awoodii muqdisho lahayd.

    waxaana la keenayaa wax la yidhaah loose union. somaliland united nationka waxay ka helaysaa seat la siman ka ay somaliya ku leedahay united nationka.
    somaliland waxay noqon doontaa dowlad gaar ah somaliyana waxay noqonaysaa dowlad gaar ah.

    waxaana inaga dhaxaynaya waa dano dano ayuunbaanu ku midoobaynaa sida la dagaalanka budhcad badeeda iyo alshabaab.

    laakiin siyaasiyan kala gaar ah. somaliland E passport waa la aqoonsanayaa somalia e pass port waa la aqoonsanayaa.

    kolkaa guushii waanu gaadhnay waxaynu rabnay in somaliya midnimo ka quusato oo awoodii koonfur hoos loo dhigo oo somalia iyo somaliland na la simo. intaasi weeye. as long as aanu simnaano somalia iyo somaliland de waa guul. dowlada somalia kama taliso somaliland sidaasi ayay ariintu ahaanaysaa.

    somaliya safaarada laga furo mid lamid ah ayaa hargeysana laga furi doonaa. waana la simayaa. labada geesna waxaa loo aqoonsanayaa labadowladood oo is awood leeg oo ku midaysan uun dano.

    sow ma aragtaan in aanu guusha aanu rabnay gaadhnay. waa taasi

  39. It’s really very simple here. The day Ulusow agrees with SNM’s stupidity is the beginning of his end. Neither SNM nor current government represent Khaatumo people. We don’t have sacred cow in this. If Ulusow wants a lasting Solution for Somalia he should tell SNM the fact. And the fact is, Isaq clan is the only one driving this SNM project. No other clan -even Gudubiirsi, are with them on this.

    This should be Isaq’s talking to the rest of the Somali families. If he continue appeasing these criminals, he will lose the little goodwill gesture he had from peace loving Somalis.

    And the SNM Trojan-horse should not represent Somalia in this meeting either.

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