Exchange with a diehards secessionist, By Osman Hassan.


Dear Mowliid
I refer to your article in Qarranews, titled: “the doomsday trio and the coming Armageddon for Somaliland”.

The main point I would like to take up with you is the “insanity” you attributed to those of us who reject to be part of your “insane” one-clan secessionist baby. On the contrary, if anybody is suffering from insanity, it applies more aptly to you and your fellow secessionists. How else could one describe otherwise when you claim, like the famous Pharaoh who you used to believe he was dressed when he was naked, that your self-declared, one-clan based “Somaliland” is independent, that it is supported by all the regions and clans of former British Somaliland, that it was recognised by 53 government on independence on 26 June 1960 when none did, that you have foreign embassies in Hargeisa when there are none, that you have ambassadors abroad when they are only refugees resident in these countries.


No less insane is your claim that stooges who hail from Khatumo and in the pay of Somaliland, the likes of Xaabsade and Xagle, are the true representatives of the SSC regions and ridiculously use these traitors as proof that the Khatumo people are part of “Somaliland” on their own free will – never mind, as you will hastily add, the occupation, the massacres at Kalshalle and Sool Joogto, the on-going clashes at Hudun!!. As far as you are concerned, these are only figments in the SSC imagination. An individual who believes all this hogwash would normally end up in a lunatic asylum. But what can one do with a whole people who succumb to these delusions?

In seeking legitimacy for your renegade entity, you are disingenuously selective with history. Thus, you cite the Burco conference in May 1991 as providing the necessary legitimacy to Somaliland on the grounds that some delegates from SSC regions were party to it. True, some SSC individuals, including 2 or 3 Garaads, did attend the meeting but only in their own personal capacity and not as mandated SSC delegates. Their sole purpose of their coming to the Burco meeting was merely to deal with the prevailing clan tensions that were still simmering after the fall of the Siyad Barre regime. Even the SNM at the time was not advocating secession as Siilaanyo’s famous letter in the same month attests to. Like it or not, the Secession Declaration was forced on the meeting at gun point by some gun-trotting SNM zealots.

In any case, the Burco Declaration is not cast in stone as something immutable as if it was the word of God. If people were to be held to their decisions as unalterable and for ever binding, then you should have been bound by your decision in July 1960 to be part of Somalia. And since you have went back on that and accorded yourself the right to secede from the union, why deny us the same right to go back on the treacherous Burco declaration that was only signed by few SSC delegates held hostage while 100% of their people opposed it.


The proof is that the SSC opposition to the secession is not the signatures of our delegates on the Burco Declaration but what all the facts that ensued it. The first was it rejection by the delegates once they were back safe in Lascanod, explaining that they signed it under duress in the first place. It was further reinforced by subsequent SSC specific actions and conference declarations in the name of the whole SSC people, headed by their Garaads, Sultans, Ugaas, etc. The first concrete action was the establishment of Puntland (tantamount to a rejection of Somaliland) in which the SSC regions were the main architect. This was followed by three successive clan conferences in Boocame, followed by Buurawal conference, each issuing a declaration vowing to the unity of Somalia.

Needless to remind you that the most decisive SSC conference, that finally put a nail in the secessionists’ Somaliland coffin, was the conference in Taleex in which all the traditional leaders, representatives of the diaspora and overall 4000 delegates and participants attended- hundreds of times more than those who attended your beloved Burco conference. This conference not only unanimously established the Khatumo State of Somalia, but also reaffirmed for the umpteenth time their membership of Somalia. Traitor Xagle Toosiye was one of the important delegates who signed up to Khatumo Declaration. Knowing the mentality of the secessionists, you will argue his defection to Hargeisa counts for more.

Whereas Somaliland is recognised by no other country, Khatumo on the other hand is now recognised, as a State of Somalia, by the federal government which is what matters firs. This recognition opened the door for IGAD as well as key western embassies and UN agencies based in Nairobi to recognise Khatumo also as a State of federal Somalia.

A people who live in cloud cuckoo land can talk as much as they want, call themselves what they went. But let me ram this fact through the closed impenetrable secessionist mind of yours: that in this day and age, when each region and clan of Somalia is free and not the vassal of others, when in using that freedom you chose to secede from Somalia, others too, hailing from Khatumo, Awdal and Makhir, enjoy that same inalienable right to remain in Somalia, irreversibly, as from the first of July 1960. If you do not want to be ruled from Mogadishu, that is your choice and I personally respect your choice though with regret. But that same right which you have accorded yourself also applies to the people of Khatumo. We too do not want to be ruled from Hargeisa but only from Taleex and Mogadishu. It seems you people have imbibed the mentality of your former colonial master and believe you have God-given right to force your treacherous whims on other clans.

Let me finally treat you with some sour truths which you know already but refuse to accept: that the member States of the United Nations, the Security Council, the AU, the League of Arab States, the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation, the EU, among others, all recognise the unity and territorial integrity of Somalia. The decision of the USA the other day to recognise the Somali government, affirming Somalia’s territorial integrity as they had always done at the Security Council and other fora, has practically closed the door on the secession. Other countries would follow suit and open their embassies in Mogadishu, not Hargeisa. The only response you have to this reality is defiance, self-indulgence, make-belief delusion that you are a separate independent State comprising all the regions and clans of former British Somaliland. Go on and enjoy your delusions that can in the end lead to stark insanity.
Osman Hassan


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3 Comments for “Exchange with a diehards secessionist, By Osman Hassan.”

  1. Adeer Osman halkaa kawad guusha taalaa lagaaga shisi goboladeeniiye ilaa qimaamaha laga gaadhayo inta caruur qaatumo dhalandoonta warqadahaad qortay waa loodhigidoonaa manhajka waxbarashada Khaatumo baygalidoonaan inshaa alaah.

  2. osman hassan is one of somalia’s greatest unsung heroes in our time.history will commemorate his tireless patriotic contribution in defence of somali’s sovereignty and territorial integrity .separatists have given up on him as they could not withstand his immensely powerful arguments,therefore all they could come up with is their characteristic slander on anybody who who refutes their feeble argument.long live OSMAN HASSAN HAJI OMAR

  3. What a great man with a great article Mr. Osman !
    Insanity and delution is the culture of Hargeisa because of Kat Maandooriye.
    Khatumo state of Somalia has nothing to do with Madness of hargeisa Bandits.
    We will defeat your sick snm criminals with AK47.
    We hope you soon the fall of secessionist like what you call Udub party Amen.
    Khatumo is Somalia and Somalia is One nation like it or not.

    God bless Khatumo state.

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